Photography Scavenger Hunt

There are many types of photos hiding in the world, unique people, emotions, odd places, and fresh perspectives hiding in every corner.  At this event you will join others in hunting them down.

The challenge is to get the most interesting, beautiful, artistic photo you can of each of the, literal or metaphorical, subjects on a list I’ll distribute on the morning of the hunt.   For example:  a photo that shows half inside and half outside,  a picture of a sound!

After about two hours of hunting we’ll gather in a meeting room, share our photos, and decide who the hunt’s winner is.

It’s my hope that this ‘hunt’ will challenge and expand your notions of photography and composition, introduce you to new friends, give you practice working quickly on an assignment, and expose you to how fellow artists approach the same challenges.

Next event…

Saturday, September 22nd, 10:30 am – 5:00 pm
Union Square, San Francisco
$40.  Limited to 8 people.  (2 spots remaining)

Enroll here.