Light Painting

Light Painting
Light Painting

Light Painting is a fun way to make creative photos using only handheld lights like flashlights or glow sticks.  In this three hour class, a mixture of lecture and hands on, guided, practice, we’ll learn how to set up a camera to make a light painting, and we’ll have a fun making our own photos.

Besides being a lot of fun, light painting is a great way to gain an understanding of how light works, how to master the manual mode on your camera, and how to mix natural and artificial light in a photo.   Once mastered, it is a fun technique to take outdoors and light paint parks and buildings!

Required pre-class preparation:

In class we’ll learn how to select the best camera settings for light painting, but please know how to put your camera in manual mode and adjust the: f-stop, shutter speed, ISO, and focus.  Also know how to turn off ‘Long Exposure Noise Reduction’, if your camera has that.  Light painting needs a camera in Manual mode.

Required equipment:

  1. A camera attached to a tripod
  2. Please wear dark clothing like a long sleeved black shirt
  3. A hand held light, like a battery powered flashlight or glow stick
  4. An object to photograph, such as a vase of flowers, a small toy, or a travel souvenir, a friend
  5. Optional, but very useful: a cable release / remote trigger, to take a photo without being near the camera

If you want to just come to watch and listen, and not practice, that’s fine too.