Getting Organized with Lightroom

All digital photographers face the challenge of how to organize and find their photos, but there doesn’t seem to be much useful advise on this topic.

Do you have photos all over your computer or multiple copies of the same photo?  Do you sometimes have trouble finding a particular photo?  Is it hard to see a summary of just your favorite photos?  Would it be hard to find all your photos from a certain year, location, or camera, or separate your jpgs from your psds?

Finding photos easily is a crucial part of being a photographer.  In this class we’ll learn how to organize our photos with Lightroom, so we can always, quickly, find anything we’re looking for.


“Just wanted to thank you for your class.  As I told you when I came in, I do not use Lightroom (yet!).  However, I have “tons” of photos that are not organized.  I did pick up some good ideas and am anxious to start using them.   I will start today to do it the “new” way!  I have now signed up for the Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop online.  I feel encouraged since yesterday!”  – Diane F.